Vintage Capital

Vintage Capital was established to trade well provenanced fine wine, primarily under bond. It initially raised finance from over a hundred private investors in the first half of 2013. Further funds were raised in the second half of 2014 and the business has been trading successfully since the middle of 2013. Annualised turnover is in excess of £3m, and the business is profitable.

Further funds were raised in 2018, and the business now has approximately 140 high net worth individuals as shareholders. The net assets of the Company are approximately £4.5 million, and the Company has significant cash reserves.

The Company sources its fine wines from châteaux, négoçiants, wine traders and private collectors, mainly in the UK, Europe and North America and its customers are typically wine merchants, brokers and retailers, wine investment funds and private collectors in the UK, Europe, North America, the Far East and the rest of the world.

Vintage Capital trades wine through its head office which is located in Newmarket, Suffolk.