Goedhuis & Co

Vintage Capital has a close association with Goedhuis & Co, one of the UK's leading wine merchants.

Goedhuis & Co was founded by chairman Johnny Goedhuis in 1981. Their head office is on Bermondsey Street, in central London, with a separate storage business, Private Reserves Ltd, based in Northamptonshire. In 2008, Goedhuis & Co opened its first international office in Hong Kong to service the growing interest in fine wine from the Asian market. Clients are a mix of private individuals and organisations as diverse as university colleges, restaurants and catering companies.

Goedhuis & Co are committed to discovering and promoting unheralded producers from all around the world as well as working with the most famous established estates’ First Growth Clarets and Grand Cru Burgundies. This approach ensures continual sourcing of the very best wines from the very best vintages, and constant development of the range of everyday wines which offer both exceptionally delicious drinking and value that rivals the High Street.

Johnny Goedhuis is Wine Director of Vintage Capital, and other key personnel at Goedhuis are members of the Wine Advisory Committee. For more information on who is involved, please see the About Us.

For further information on Goedhuis & Co, please visit their website.


Vintage Capital stores all of its wine at Vine International.  Vine International is a leading storage, settlement and distribution service provider, built specifically for fine wine. It has facilities in London, Bordeaux and Hong Kong, and is owned by Liv-ex, the global marketplace for the wine trade. Vine International employs a highly skilled team, with experience in every aspect of fine wine settlement, handling, storage and distribution. The utmost care and attention is taken when undertaking checks, handling fine wine and recording condition and content. Warehouse services include condition checks, high resolution photography and instant transfers.  On arrival at Vine, each case is given a unique identification number, assigning ownership and providing traceability. Perfect conditions are maintained through humidity and temperature sensors, monitored every thirty minutes.

Vintage Capital is focused on ensuring both the provenance of its fine wine, and excellent service for our suppliers and customers, and Vine International are an important cog in the wheel.  For further information on Vine, please visit their website.